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The Pottery Studio Handbook

So, you’ve stepped into a pottery studio – it’s not just about crafting clay. It’s a whirlwind of classes, workshops, kiln firings, private parties, and maybe even a ceramic gear shop! Let’s dive into this world with a fun tour of the services offered by pottery studios across the U.S:

🌟 Weekly/One-Time Classes: Picture this – Mondays and Wednesdays, 2 pm – your chance to play with clay! It’s drop-in, no strings attached. The ultimate “try before you commit” deal!

🌈 Courses: Ever wanted to create a full-on pottery adventure? From Feb 1st to March 1st, buckle up for a bundle of classes. Pay for the whole ride and commit to the entire journey. Think of it as a full immersion into the clay universe.

🎓 Open Studio Reservations: Imagine the joy of extra studio hours! Memberships or exclusive class perks open up a realm of possibilities. But tracking it all? That’s where the chaos creeps in.

📚 Studio Memberships: Monthly or quarterly passes granting access to pottery paradise. But hold your clay horses! Managing this manually with spreadsheets? It’s like playing Tetris with data, and the blocks just keep piling up!

Now, let’s talk about the backstage chaos. Spreadsheets and pen-and-paper? They’ve had their moment in the pottery sun, but let’s face it – they’re like a cracked pot when it comes to managing this creative circus.

Weekly / One-time classes

These classes offer a taste of what your studio boasts, requiring no long-term commitment. They’re the open door inviting potential students to step into a world of creativity without the pressure of commitment. This type of class typically occurs on a weekly schedule, for example, Mondays and Wednesdays at 2pm.


Enter the realm of commitment and immersion. Here, students invest not just in a class but in a transformative experience of a series of classes. These typically have a fixed start and end date eg. Feb 1st to 15th, creating a structured voyage through your studio’s offerings.

The anticipation builds as studios drop course dates, creating a buzz and a rush to enroll. Imagine a waitlist, an invisible queue that magically ushers in eager learners as spots become available. It’s not just a class; it’s an event, an experience waiting to be grasped.

Open Studio Reservations

Studio time breathes life into the artistry of wheel throwing, offering enthusiasts more time to shape their clay-born dreams. This offering enables artists to hone in on their skills, and builds a community of artists in your studio.

However, within studio chaos, the management of these coveted studio hours often falls prey to the labyrinth of spreadsheets or the enchanting yet time-consuming world of pen and paper. Tracking the creative journey of each artist, managing their time allocations—these tasks demand meticulous attention.

Studio Memberships

Studios provide monthly or quarterly memberships granting access to specific equipment during designated hours. Due to space constraints, memberships are limited, and members often enjoy extended studio stays compared to class participants.

Yet, behind this membership veil lies a world of meticulous record-keeping. Spreadsheets strive to contain the members’ details, noting payments and tracking studio hours. But, as the member count grows, the once manageable system transforms into a labyrinth, demanding careful management and precise upkeep.

Visualize the studio manager meticulously marking each payment, tracking every hour spent, ensuring accuracy, and maintaining the books’ integrity. It’s a ballet of organization and dedication.

Our open studio product at Classly takes care of all of the book keeping with memberships. You can add and charge members automatically, issue invoices, and allocate studio credit hours when specific memberships plans are created and renewed.

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Closing thoughts

As studios evolve, the need for a seamless solution becomes paramount. Classly offers a streamlined approach to manage classes, memberships, and open studio hours. It’s not just a tool; it’s the key to unlocking a world of efficiency and creativity, transforming studios from chaotic mazes to smoothly run sanctuaries of artistry.